TransparentBusiness - Boosting Productivity for Remote Work

Our platform is designed to increase remote workers´ productivity, protect client budgets from overbilling, allow coordination and monitoring of their remote workforce and provide real-time information on the cost and status of all tasks and projects. We are the OS of your remote workforce, and introduce a radical, new way of managing your distributed teams with transparency and accountability.


  • Save Money: Reduce infrastructure expenses, save on hiring cost & labor arbitrage hiring internationally, & grow your company on demand.
  • Save Time: Access to top vetted talent globally, increase your team productivity by 40%, & reduce time to hire.

Main Features

  • Our all in one cloud-based solution will super-charge your remote team bringing transparency & accountability to Remote Workforce Management
  • One Simple Solution to monitor, collaborate, manage and analyze the work done by your remote employees and contractors
  • Our Online Learning Solutions brings you world-class expertise from pioneers who understand the challenges facing businesses & workers alike
  • We help you find vetted professionals from the World Pool of Experts. Without Risk. Without Walls. Without Limits.

Primary Audience

  • Remote Work Industry
  • HR Management Industry