Techtonica Bridges the Diversity Gap in Tech

We offer six months of free, full-time tech training with living stipends and laptops to Bay Area women and non-binary adults with low incomes, then place graduates into jobs with sponsor companies. Most of our participants are people of color, and we place 100% with hiring partners. All of our graduates still work in tech and most are still working with the companies we placed them with.


  • Exposure apprentices to a variety of roles in the tech industry, not solely the role of software engineer
  • We provide diversity and inclusion training to the teams that our graduates will be placed onto
  • Upon completion of the program, apprentices are placed with hiring partners

Main Features

  • Companies that have sponsored at the Advocate Level cover the apprentices' pre-placement training and provide mentors
  • Techtonica conducts free intro workshops with local organizations and labs
  • Accepted apprentices receive living stipends, laptops, and more than 1,000 hours of full-time, project-based, collaborative training

Primary Audience

  • Companies looking to sponsor minority women's education in tech
  • Minority women interested in tech education