Chayn - Empowering Women Against Abuse to Take Back Control

By Chayn
CHAYN is an open-source project that leverages technology to empower women against violence and oppression so they can live happier and healthier lives. Running solely on the passion of skilled volunteers, Chayn leverages technology to address the problems women face today. We are also a pro bono service to charities who work with vulnerable women.


  • All of our work is driven by the needs of victims and survivors from diverse backgrounds.
  • All our resources are under Creative Common licenses, which means anyone can remix and share them with attribution.
  • Users may face serious repercussions by their abusers if found using our product. We work hard to minimize risks by designing for anonymity.

Main Features

  • Use our resources to spot abuse, collect evidence, stay safe, get well and connect to local services.
  • We provide support without judgement for each stage of women’s journeys.
  • Chayn uses appropriate and accessible technology to collaborate on resources, and launch scalable and replicable solutions.

Primary Audience

  • Nonprofits who serve victims and survivors of abuse
  • Social Services
  • Women facing abuse