REFUGE Restrooms to Quickly Find Safe Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Refuge Restrooms is a web app that seeks to provide safer restroom access for trans, nonbinary, intersex, and gender nonconforming individuals. Find restrooms by location, add new restroom listings, comment and rate existing listings. Businesses can show their commitment to providing safer spaces by offering gender neutral bathrooms and accessible bathrooms for people with disabilities.


  • For users: Find nearby gender neutral restrooms plus info on whether it is accessible for people with physical disabilities
  • For businesses: Show your commitment to creating safe spaces by offering accessible, gender neutral bathrooms with good user reviews
  • For the community: Help keep your most vulnerable community members safe by reviewing and adding new restrooms to the map

Main Features

  • Map of nearby restrooms showing proximity to current location or searchable locations
  • Add new restroom listings to our directory to help others find restrooms that meet their needs
  • Leave reviews to inform other users of what to expect and what level of safety and care you experienced

Primary Audience

  • Businesses interested in creating safe spaces for all people
  • Nonbinary, Transgender, Intersex and Gender Nonconforming People
  • Concerned Citizens helping to create safe spaces