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Lyra Health Mental Healthcare for Your Workforce

Lyra offers effective care programs designed by clinical experts and grounded in evidence-based practices that are proven to work. Members can find the right personalized care, match with the right provider for their needs, and feel motivated and supported throughout the entire treatment journey. Lyra partners with employers to provide mental health care telehealth to their employees.


  • For employers: Decrease burnout, stress, anxiety, and isolation in your workforce to boost productivity, retention, wellness and belonging
  • For employees: Find the right personalized care in just a few clicks
  • For employees: Receive effective treatments for every need, from stress to self-harm
  • For employees: Access a superior network of available providers

Main Features

  • Track and measure progress
  • Book real-time appointments
  • Receive personalized care options
  • Learn and practice new real-life skills

Primary Audience

  • Individuals seeking mental health care
  • Businesses & Employers