TuMeke - Computer Vision Joint Tracking for Ergonomic Assessments

TuMeke is a technology company working to reduce workplace injuries. We offer a risk assessment platform that uses computer vision to extract 3D joint positions from 2D cameras to automate ergonomic risk evaluations. You no longer need to waste time manually collecting joint data and filling out long worksheets to determine next steps to reduce risk. We will help supercharge your safety program.


  • Stop filling out long assessment worksheets so you can focus on giving great recommendations.
  • Keep your workers safe and healthy in an inventive and cost effective manner.

Main Features

  • No need for wearables, goniometers, or other equipment. Measure and automatically track the safety of employees without stopping production.
  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis - Get a summary of risk using standard medical techniques. Have risky postures highlighted in video review.
  • Manage videos and assessment results across teams and devices -View and override inputs our models picked up and get directional guidance.

Primary Audience

  • Any organization looking to improve health and safety
  • Ergonomics Industry
  • Healthcare Industry