AQS3®pro - Spectroscopic Secondary Structure Analysis Tool

RedShiftBio's secondary structure analysis tools include the AQS3pro, which will change how you measure protein and peptide structure. Powered by Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS), it ramps up the sensitivity, dynamic range and accuracy of IR spectroscopy.


  • Automated multi-sample analysis for walk away operation.
  • High sensitivity to see change reproducibly at high precision and the widest concentration range to characterize biotherapeutics.
  • Improving product quality by measurement of previously undetectable changes in protein structure
  • Software that easily transitions data into insight so you can make confident and timely decisions using data that accelerates timelines.
  • Reducing time and cost through automation of previously laborious measurements.

Main Features

  • Designed for five key measurements—aggregation, quantitation, stability, similarity, and structure.
  • The AQS3pro directly supports protein characterization throughout the biopharmaceutical development pipeline.
  • provides drift-free, background subtracted, high sensitivity measurements of the protein secondary structure.

Primary Audience

  • Research & Development in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Protein Therapeutic Labs