Singularity AI- Improving Imaging and Research Workflow in Medicine

Singularity.AI provides end-to-end, turnkey solutions using emerging technologies to empower physicians and scientists to streamline workflow and improve cost and efficiency. Planning to go full digital or slowly easing into it? – it’s all good with us. Start with essential microscopic imaging, and, when you’re ready, add all the features you come to expect with full digital pathology suites.


  • There are many ways to implement AI analysis into your pathology workflow, including cloud service support, smart camera imaging and more.
  • Our smart camera gives you real-time analysis of what you are seeing under the microscope.
  • No scanner? Use our SuperStitch technology and make your own in seconds.
  • As new detection algorithms develop, they become available without changing hardware or manual updates. The system truly grows with you.

Main Features

  • Innovation without disruption: Integrate AI, Edge Computing and other advanced technologies into your workflow.
  • Higher resolution and intelligent image processing = better analysis and more confident decisions.

Primary Audience

  • Medical Industry
  • Research and Education Labs