Brave Buttons - Prevent Drug Overdose Death

Brave’s mission is to prevent overdose death through connection and technology. All of our tools are developed for and co-designed with the community. Brave Buttons can be placed anywhere inside a structure and, when pressed, will notify building staff via text message that an emergency (such as an overdose, a violent guest, physical or mental pain etc.) or accident occurs at the button location.


  • Anonymity: Users can report their use if they are alone or at risk without fear of persecution
  • Potentially life-saving: If users cease to respond after several prompts, staff or help can be sent to check.
  • Adaptable: Staff and residents will have opportunities to provide feedback to make sure the system fits your specific needs.

Main Features

  • Brave’s technology connects people with community supporters when they’re alone and at risk of overdose.
  • Anonymous and private, these tools can keep you safe(r) from overdose, wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Primary Audience

  • Rehabilitation and Treatment Centers
  • Shelters and Supportive Housing
  • Assisted Living Facilities & Residential Housing
  • Public Restrooms/Washrooms/Bathrooms
  • Addiction Specialists