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Hello Doctor

Hello Doctor lets you talk to a Doctor on your phone. It’s a whole new way to manage your health – using the one thing you always have with you, your phone. Skip the waiting rooms, forget the unnecessary bills, and stop scaring yourself into oblivion with internet searches. All you have to do is download the app, and you can talk to a qualified medical doctor, right from your mobile phone.


  • Everyone has the right to high-quality healthcare that is: personalized, affordable, and accessible
  • Administered by Doctors users (patients) can understand and trust
  • Telehealth without the need to be tech savvy

Main Features

  • Text to a Doctor: Ask your question via text and our Doctors will reply to you within an hour.
  • Talk to a Doctor: Request a call and one of our Doctors will call you back within an hour to give you medical advice over the phone.
  • Symptom Checker: Not sure what's wrong? Plug in your symptoms on our app and we'll give you a list of possible conditions. You can then disc
  • Health Tips: Get daily advice with Hello Doctor's Health Tips. Subscribe to any categories that interest you, and let us walk the journey wi

Primary Audience

  • Individuals in need of accessible healthcare