Solution Provider


StreetChange Homeless App and Beacon

StreetChange is a mobile application that leverages the power of small donations to help people that need it the most: street homeless neighbors with short-term needs. Through iOS and Android apps you can contribute to necessities like socks, shoes, and raincoats requested by StreetChange clients who meet with a caseworker to discuss healthcare and housing options when picking up their goods.


  • Increase efficiency of local programs
  • Community connection to mitigate stigma
  • Shelters and Transitional Housing can connect with homeless clients

Main Features

  • When clients go to pickup donated items, they meet with a counselor to help address their systemic problems
  • The community can view pictures, profiles, and needs of all StreetChange clients
  • Short-term needs are translated into a registry that can be funded through the StreetChange app
  • Connects local community to homeless population through easy to use app donation strategy
  • Beacon for clients (optional) for further community engagement

Primary Audience

  • Local Large Companies as part of their community engagement
  • Transitional Housing Organizations
  • Local Government
  • Local shelters and organizations that help the homeless