biospatial - Enhance Awareness, Inform Decisions, & improve Outcomes.

The biospatial platform leverages analytics and proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) to normalize and make sense of complex structured and unstructured data, link complementary data assets, and provide web-based tools, automated reporting, and alerting. Customers from large, data-hungry industries use biospatial to enhance awareness, inform decisions, and improve outcomes.


  • biospatial's data-driven insights reduce response time, enhance response effectiveness, and help save lives.
  • Compare measures for your agency to state and national benchmarks.
  • Discover what intelligent machine learning can do to uncover actionable insights.

Main Features

  • Visualize, filter, and analyze measures to customize reports for your agency or state EMS office.
  • Intuitive web-based tools enable users to query and visualize their data, save and share their analysis, and configure automated reports.
  • Through the ingest and analysis of large-scale EMS data, biospatial can track and monitor publich health crisis and threats.

Primary Audience

  • Government Agencies
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Behavioral Health Industry