Open Health Network

OHN creates real-time analytics integrated with its mobile application platform that enable critical insights into how patients use mobile applications, what works and what does not. The user insights are correlated with health outcomes, and predictive models are constructed to link app usage behavior to real-world behavior change required for disease management and prevention.


  • Customization and Expandability: Open Health Network’s platform can be customized to fit any patient-centered data collection requirements
  • A Social Network serves highly relevant content for patients, filtered by specific disease, symptoms and treatments.
  • Democratize health data: full control and traceability of who, when and how patient health information is being used

Main Features

  • Care Team Management: Create user profiles; assign roles to control data access.
  • Medication Adherence: Medication Adherence module enables patients to configure reminders to refill and take their medications.
  • Patient Diary: A Diary screen asks patients to report how they feel daily, gathering data on diet, appetite, physical activity, sleep, etc.

Primary Audience

  • Healthcare Management Teams
  • Patients
  • COVIS-19 Management Industries