Aetheria Mental Health Tools App

Aetheria is a mental illness treatment app that provides free tools based on DBT, CBT, and ACT treatment methods to everyone, regardless of who they are and what they can pay. Find information, resources, and 30 tools to support 20 mental illnesses for short term tools and long term help. Mental illness often feels like free floating in space. But Aetheria helps you get back down to Earth.


  • Get a picture of your physical and mental health with daily checkins and health assessments every two weeks
  • 30 tools to help people with over 20 different mental illnesses, including anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, and more
  • Tools and resources for all times -- from acute crisis to long-term skill-building

Main Features

  • Daily check ins about your symptoms
  • Biweekly health assessments
  • None of your data leaves the app or is seen by third parties

Primary Audience

  • Organizations providing mental or physical health services
  • Companies who care about the health of their employees
  • Individuals with mental illness