Solution Provider


Healthy Health

HealthyHealth is developing one of the most accurate digital data health risk assessments on the market. Once a user gives access to their personal data from their smartphone or wearables, Healthy Health can calculate their unique health risk in just a few minutes. This health risk includes a list for potential diagnosis of over 800 medical conditions in line with the international ICD10 codes.


  • A customer can receive their price (not quote!) in a couple of minutes
  • Customers often receive a better premium
  • Accuracy levels of up to 89% generating better risk pricing and lower uncertainty
  • An automated approach frees up these valuable resources to generate valuable insights that protect and grow your business

Main Features

  • Automated approach for operational infrastructure
  • API Integration
  • Algorithm matching to thousands of data points from the user to millions of studied cases to provide accuracy for health risk

Primary Audience

  • Insurers