Relish - The #1 Relationship Coaching & Self-Care App

Did you know that, as Americans, we are typically unhappy in our long-term relationship for six (6!!) years before we do anything about it? At Relish, we firmly believe that life is way too short to be miserable about something that can be improved. That’s why we’ve build the world’s first ever personal trainer for your relationship.


  • The Relish customer gets empirically proven advice, backed by a panel of expert advisors that is timely, tailored and action-oriented.
  • Relish aims to take the hard work out of relationships. We give time-pressed people little tweaks that make a big difference.
  • Build a happy, healthy, more connected relationship with text based coaching and a fully customized improvement plan.

Main Features

  • Relationships. That’s what really matters. Work on yours with personal coaches on Relish.
  • We use micro-learning techniques and machine learning to deliver a personalized plan to make your relationship more satisfying and lasting.

Primary Audience

  • Mental Healthcare Industry
  • Individuals looking to improve their relationships and mental health