VEDA -Solving Problems in Healthcare with Data

At VEDA Data Solutions, we’re on a mission to accelerate patients’ ability to access the care they need, reduce financial loss in the healthcare system, and create efficiencies that drive healthcare innovation.


  • With continuous data monitoring you will never have to wait for members or providers to alert your team about to errors in your network data
  • License and sanction alerts reduce risk and ensure members are getting high quality care from your network.
  • All VEDA service subscriptions include a dedicated data science team to ensure data quality and easy data utilization.
  • VEDA includes dedicated customer support for the life of your engagement.

Main Features

  • VEDA’s core technologies power the products that make healthcare more accessible, efficient and affordable.
  • VEDA has developed components that cleanse messy data, connect data sets across many systems, translating info into standardized formats.

Primary Audience

  • Healthcare Industry
  • Medical Insurance Industry