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Alice Adds Money to Paychecks Through Smart Payroll Administration

By Alice
Alice raises the take-home pay of working Americans. 156 million employees in the US are spending more and more of their budget on healthcare, childcare, and commuting. Alice uses software to add money to people’s paychecks when they spend on everyday items that are pretax eligible—with no forms, no math, no acronyms.


  • Alice users are adding $583.06* to their paychecks.

Main Features

  • Enable Alice as your benefits administrator in your payroll system with a few clicks.
  • Email, text, Facebook, Instagram, or Slack. Alice meets your employees wherever they are.
  • Alice studies transactions to identify pre-tax eligible expenses like transit passes, contact lenses or daycare tuition.
  • Your employees get texts to confirm their expenses or answer yes/no questions to stay compliant.

Primary Audience

  • Employees
  • Employers
  • Businesses