NeoSoma - Neuro-oncology AI Platform For Precise Clinical Management

Our technology aids proper management of neuro-oncology patients through improved workflow, seamless systems integration, precision imaging and standardization. We empower neuro-practitioners to better research, diagnose and treat Neuro-oncological diseases through deep learning imaging analysis technology platform that is more precise and reproducible compared to current practice.


  • Our Technology saves time, adds precision to the MRI diagnosis, eliminates inter- and intra-rater variability & prevents radiologist burnout
  • Our Technology adds confidence to intra-operative targeting through seamless, vendor-neutral MRI-based navigation system integration
  • Our Technology saves time, adds precision to therapy planning, eliminates inter- and intra-rater variability and prevents physician burnout
  • Our Technology facilitates clinical trials through imaging automation of MRI analysis, preventing high rates of adjudication
  • Automating RANO through Neosoma-Glioma improves accuracy, efficiency and reproducibility of RANO assessment

Main Features

  • Neosoma Technology Empowers All Specialities Involved In Clinical Care, Academic Research and Clinical Trials Of Neuro-oncology Diseases
  • Neosoma-Glioma is a deep learning convoluted neural network AI technology built to identify, segment & perform volumetric analysis of tumors

Primary Audience

  • Healthcare Industry