Organize - Rethinking the Organ Donation Processes

ORGANIZE, a lean non-profit, has created America’s first central registry, and is currently working hard to get every state in the Union to recognize social media posts as evidence of your donor wishes. Today, they’re continuing toward their goal of transforming the organ donation space in just five years. In about 47 seconds, our registration form will help you register as an organ donor.


  • Family members of those with illness get proper training on how to take care of their sick loved ones from home

Main Features

  • Take complex medical information and turn it into relevant videos and text
  • Upskill hospital staff to effectively train patients's families
  • Turn hospital waiting areas into classrooms or training facilities
  • Reach out to families via Whatsapp to reinforce skills they learned
  • Collect data to prove health impacts

Primary Audience

  • Families and patients with illnesses