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Inspiring Impact - Impact Measurement and Evaluation for Nonprofits

Inspiring Impact helps good impact practice becomes the norm in the sector. Nonprofits and social enterprises are often held back by poor quality information about the impact of that work. Our online resources, self-assessment tools, peer learning networks, and grant funding motivate and guide people who work in the social sector to better serve the people they support.


  • - Learn about good impact practice and how to implement it in your social sector work
  • - Gain the skills and drive to create a culture of continuous improvement in your organization
  • - Join peer learning networks so you can plan, understand, and improve your impact together

Main Features

  • -Plan: Plan how to create the desired impact
  • -Do: Measure your performance against key goals
  • - Assess: Make sense of the data you collect
  • -Review: Communicate the results and learn how to improve your work

Primary Audience

  • Nonprofits and Charities
  • Foundations and Funders
  • Social Enterprises and Entrepreneurs
  • Volunteers and Employees in the Social Sector