SimpleSense - Information Sharing that Saves Lives

SimpleSense helps your organization share and access critical information in real-time by understanding your information gaps, facilitating agreements with internal and external stakeholders, and ensuring the right users access critical information at the right time.


  • Integrations with sensors, command and control centers, and dispatch centers provide real-time visibility into public safety in your area.
  • Our platform-agnostic data integration service helps you avoid vendor lock-in, allowing you to adapt rapidly to new threats and technology.
  • Cross-platform integrations eliminate manual data entry through automation, reducing time it takes for operators to get the info they need.

Main Features

  • SimpleSense helps incident response teams react faster by facilitating digital interoperability between stakeholders.
  • We identify problems in communication systems or processes and build a plan of action.
  • Our team of experts identifies shared goals amongst stakeholders and facilitates the signing of interconnect agreements.
  • Our technology experts integrate with your existing software platforms or deploy new interoperable dashboards, specific to each end user.
  • When you introduce new platforms into your information system, we collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure interoperability continues.

Primary Audience

  • Government Agencies
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Nonprofits
  • Businesses and Organizations