Solution Provider


Polymorphing to Stop Cybersecurity Attacks Before They Start

Polyverse develops leading-edge cybersecurity technology to build diversity across multiple system dimensions, increasing the complexity and cost for attackers and stopping cybersecurity attacks before they start. This technology is used by Government, Enterprise and Social Enterprise customers, embedded into devices and hardware, and built into security solutions.


  • High return on security investment
  • Mitigates memory-based cybersecurity attacks
  • Patch for hygiene, not for security
  • Enables enhanced security compliance
  • Zero-day detection and reporting

Main Features

  • Zero changes to anything that matters - no changes made to the source code of your Linux OS only the binary layout of the compiled image
  • Fast and easy installation - Polymorphing is deployed with a single command-line of code
  • No runtime overhead or performance impact - no CPU cycles are required to protect the OS
  • Zero-day attack detection and reporting

Primary Audience

  • Government agencies
  • Commercial enterprise companies
  • Social enterprises