Wallaroo - The Enterprise Platform for Production AI

The Wallaroo platform makes it simple, fast, and very low cost to get AI algorithms live against production data. Our platform is built on four core components: MLOps, Distributed Processing Engine, Data Connectors, and Audit and Performance Metrics.


  • You’re free to focus on developing and iterating on your models, letting us take care of deployment and inference at speed and scale.
  • Our platform compiles to native code and can easily be deployed in a wide range of environments.
  • Get instant performance visibility - Model performance, operations, audit, A/B testing & decision science support.

Main Features

  • 85% of data science and analytics projects fail to monetize. We aim to change that.
  • Process up to 1M events per second on a single 16 CPU server, or run multiple models at once.

Primary Audience

  • Cybersecurity Industry
  • Real Estate Industry
  • Manufaturing/Production Industry
  • Advertising Industry
  • Military