Planblue -Building Global Seafloor Database with Underwater Satellites

Seafloor monitoring to protect our oceans and foster a sustainable Blue Economy. Our underwater satellite is changing the way we map, assess and understand our ocean.


  • Create interactive colour-coded seafloor maps, which will further conservation efforts and sustainable industrial developments.
  • Reduce monitoring costs and time spent on underwater investigations.
  • We highlight the value of the oceans, and raise public awareness to current environmental risks.
  • Our technology enables everyone to understand current threats to the ocean, but also contribute to a healthier ocean.

Main Features

  • We provide an intelligent underwater satellite, that can scan and automatically evaluate seafloor areas and underwater constructions.
  • Our technology combines data-rich hyperspectral and RGB images with underwater navigation and artificial intelligence.
  • We visualize and simplify collected seafloor data, so that everyone is able to understand this complex data.
  • We provide real-time information to decision-makers, aid environmental actions, and reveal solutions to protect our resources.

Primary Audience

  • Ocean Conservationists
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Government Agencies