SOP Technologies - Environmental Solutions to Stop Ocean Pollution

SOP Technologies provides technologies to prevent ocean pollution, prevent floods, and provide cost savings to communities and businesses around the world.


  • From initial design to large-scale implementation, we'll help you identify and use the latest technologies to best meet your needs.
  • We help with the identification of your needs and the manufacturers and coordination from design to implementation.
  • Managing your communities stormwater drains means less pollution going into rivers, lakes, beaches and the ocean, and reduces flood risk.

Main Features

  • Our patented stormwater filters minimize ocean pollution, prevent street flooding, and reduce stormwater management costs for communities.
  • Our Adopt-a-Drain program allows communities to prevent pollution & quantify types & quantities of pollutants entering stormwater systems.
  • We remove debris from sand with our sand-sifting cleaning services. We also provide beach design services.

Primary Audience

  • Government Agencies
  • Environmental Agencies