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The Oxygenator

We must fix the oceans to survive. The Oxygenator is designed to accomplish this monumental task using natural ocean upwelling and downwelling physical processes, powered entirely by ocean waves.


  • Focus on removing past emissions, not just limiting future emissions.
  • Create jobs in port cities worldwide.
  • Enhance primary production
  • Restore the ocean food chain including fish, mammals, seabirds.
  • Re-oxygenate the mid ocean.

Main Features

  • The Oxygenator ™ uses wave energy to produce upwelling of nutrient-enriched seawater from 200m deep which promotes growth of phytoplankton.
  • Sends particulate organic carbon (POC) as well as dissolved organic carbon contained in the upper ocean, below 400m.

Primary Audience

  • Environmental Technology Developers
  • Climate Change Scientists