LegitFish - True Traceability in the Seafood Industry

In the seafood industry, traceability has never been the same thing as truth. Legit Fish is the first traceability solution that verifies against government records, so you can trust the accuracy and veracity of every harvest.


  • Cement your reputation with retailers, food operations and consumers for a 100% truthful, authenticated product.
  • Create a unique connection to the consumer via Legit Fish’s high-visibility on-pack QR code that tells the story behind your seafood.
  • Facilitates compliance and transparency in an increasingly regulated industry.
  • Technology and support designed exclusively for the seafood industry.
  • Marketing support services aligning your business with truth and transparency.

Main Features

  • Accurately capture & integrate data at the point of harvest, flow it through the supply chain & ultimately deliver it in an engaging way.
  • Manage the flow of data from the farm or vessel to dock & seamlessly integrate it into their accounting, government reporting & sales.
  • Ensure that all specs and certifications exactly match the product that is delivered and sold.

Primary Audience

  • Seafood Industry
  • Restaurant Industry
  • Environmental Agencies