Eyasco - Any Sensor, Any Environment, Reliable Monitoring and Control

Eyasco is a system integration company specializing in low-power remote monitoring combined with telemetry and database technology to deliver information seamlessly in mission-critical situations.


  • Innovative and cost effective way to remotely monitor places traditionally difficult and expensive to monitor.
  • Efficiently collect, store and analyze project data in one centralized location.
  • Assess areas of concern before they become bigger, more costly and dangerous problems.

Main Features

  • Water Monitoring - Monitor water levels, flow, turbidity, pH, temperature, DO, conductivity and more.
  • Smarter Agriculture - Monitor water, soil, and plant properties as well as luminosity and air quality.
  • Earth Monitoring - Monitor ground movement and erosion from for dams, hillsides and any other land environment.
  • Facility Monitoring - Monitor industrial and remote installations by detecting and documenting specific events.

Primary Audience

  • Agriculture Industry
  • Water and Utilities Industry
  • Government Agencies
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Environmental Agencies