Verdant - Web-based Environmental Health & Safety Software

Our EHS management software helps facility administrators and staff to simplify, organize, manage, and access critical EHS and compliance information anytime, from anywhere. Our software helps companies meet their EHS compliance and management challenges, including environmental analysis and reporting, and management of asbestos, lead, stormwater, confined spaces, regulatory compliance and more.


  • Access compliance data efficiently online, without the need for hard-copy binders.
  • Reduce redundant sampling and be confident in your data’s accuracy.
  • Minimize the costs of maintaining archived reports & multiple platforms.

Main Features

  • Scalable: Multi-facility and multi-user. Install new modules as needed.
  • Portable: Cloud-based, web accessible, and available anywhere.
  • Interactive: Key performance indicators, analytics and costs.
  • Secure: Multiple user levels for regulated data management.

Primary Audience

  • Government Agencies
  • Schools & Universities
  • Large Scale Corporations