Deveron - Helping Farmers Make Data-enabled Decisions

Better understand your field with Deveron on-demand data to get the insights you need for higher yields. We can provide farmers or growers with both on demand drone, soil sampling and tissue sampling services along with analytics to help you increase yields through our subsidiary Veritas Farm Management.


  • On-Demand Soil and Tissue Sampling allows you to get all the soil data that you need to increase your yields.
  • Our insights team can help you look at the data and make the best decisions to improve your yields.
  • On-Demand Drones allows you to get all the aerial data you need to increase yields.

Main Features

  • Get the data and insights you need to make better farming decisions.
  • Check your Field's Variability with our new online Variabilty tool

Primary Audience

  • Agriculture Industry
  • Government Agencies
  • Land Management Agencies