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FarmBot for Open Source Precision Agriculture

FarmBot is an open source precision agriculture CNC farming project consisting of a Cartesian coordinate robot farming machine, software and documentation including a farming data repository. The project aims to create an open and accessible technology aiding everyone to grow food and to grow food for everyone.


  • Using the manual controls, you can move FarmBot and operate its tools and peripherals in real-time.
  • Scare birds away while at work, take photos of your veggies, turn the lights on for a night time harvest, or simply impress your friends.
  • Best of all, no coding is required; simply drag and drop basic commands into your desired order, adjust the parameters, and save.

Main Features

  • Graphic design your farm
  • Farm from anywhere (accessible web app)
  • Completely customizable (easy to use sequence editor)

Primary Audience

  • Gardeners
  • Academia