Solution Provider


EarthRanger - Software for Protected Area Management

EarthRanger is a real-time, easy-to-use, online software solution developed by Vulcan Inc. to meet the unique needs of protected area managers, ecologists, and wildlife biologists. Our solution collects, integrates and displays all historical and real-time data available from a protected area - including wildlife, ranger patrols, spatial data, and observed threats.


  • Increased collaboration and data sharing
  • Increased effectiveness of patrols
  • Increased data available for analysis
  • Quicker incident response time

Main Features

  • Real-time visualization
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Web-based access
  • Data is private and secure
  • Integrations with 50+ hardware devices and numerous software

Primary Audience

  • Protected area managers
  • Ecologists & Wildlife Biologists
  • Park rangers
  • Conservation organizations
  • Governments