Socialwyze - Upward Economic Mobility and Reputation Building

Our tech connects people facing housing insecurity and financial distress with public benefit jobs from trusted local nonprofits. We coordinate immediate, entry-level jobs that people can perform on their own time, in their own communities. Our constituents automatically build up digital resumes, allowing them to create credibility with landlords and future full-time employers.


  • Individuals gain work experience and immediate income while rebuilding your reputation
  • Nonprofits get help needed to deliver on their mission, while offering income opportunities to their volunteers
  • Nonprofits help the populations they serve to gain entry level jobs
  • The Solution is FREE for individuals and for Nonprofits

Main Features

  • For Organizations: Flexible Scheduling, Reporting Analytics, Workforce Management, Online Payment
  • For Workers: Digital Resume, Connection to Local Jobs and Social Services, Mobile Banking
  • For Foundations and Gov Programs: Create Grants to Benefit many individuals directly, while helping local nonprofits with good labor

Primary Audience

  • Organizations that need reliable volunteers for public work
  • Agencies that serve housing-insecure individuals
  • Nonprofits that serve marginalized populations with economic distress
  • Local Government Programs
  • Unemployed or Underemployed individuals