OpenRDT Digitizes Rapid Diagnostic Testing

OpenRDT improves global health by unifying how Rapid Diagnostic Tests are digitized, interpreted, and tracked. It creates open, extensible software and standards—built by a community of expert practitioners.


  • The more we can digitize the entire process around RDTs, the better.
  • Progress will be fastest when manufacturers, policy-makers, funders, academics, nonprofits, and clinicians all benefit from and contribute.
  • Worldwide data will be aggregated and maintained in a secure and auditable cloud service.

Main Features

  • View, analyze, and act on data collected from the field.
  • Record and optionally reward successful RDT administration using advanced fraud detection and accountability measures.
  • Algorithmic interpretation that combines prevalence, symptoms, and computer vision.
  • Eliminate custom hardware cost and burden, enable widespread adoption even in low-resource environments.
  • Integrates process controls to ensure error-free RDT administration.

Primary Audience

  • Population served: individuals receiving a rapid diagnostic test (RDT)