Notifica App - Build a defense layer to deportation

Notifica helps immigrants prepare for a possible interaction with deportation agents, build their own Defense Network by adding family members, lawyers and local community groups, and send secure alerts just by pressing a button before the interaction.


  • Sending an onboarding message to members you’ve added as your deportation defense network with a resource page
  • Connecting you directly with community groups in your area that organize to fight against deportations and who can help you prepare
  • Resources for swift intervention, including: a guide on how to use the ICE detainee locator
  • Hotline to get support on how to respond to someone being detained

Main Features

  • Send out secure alerts to your Defense Network before interacting with a deportation agent
  • Build your Deportation Defense Network by adding people you trust
  • Just by pressing one button you notify your entire network and send them your location
  • Plan with the preparedness checklist and know your rights
  • Find and join community groups in your area

Primary Audience

  • Persons facing deportation
  • Bar Accredited Lawyers
  • Deportation Defense Network
  • Immigration Related Nonprofits