Food Rescue US

Hunger in the United States makes no sense because in our digitally connected world, bridging the gap between excess and access isn’t just possible. It’s simple. Unlike traditional models, Food Rescue US lowers overhead costs, increases access to fresh food, and ensures that food rescued today is delivered today. The impact has been huge – and with your help, it will grow exponentially.


  • Deliver: If you are a volunteer with a vehicle, see the complete schedule of food rescues and choose deliveries that work for you.
  • Donate: If you’re a restaurant, grocer or other food provider, list surplus food that you want to donate.
  • Feed: If you are a receiving agency such as a community kitchen or food pantry, post your needs and find food to match them.

Main Features

  • Receiving Agencies: Our goal is to provide you more fresh food for your clients than you ever thought possible.
  • Food Rescuer: Pick up surplus food from our Food Donors and deliver it directly to local Receiving Agencies that feed our hungry neighbors.
  • Food Donor: Turn your surplus food into meals for your hungry neighbors.

Primary Audience

  • Those experiencing hunger or food insecurity