Metabiota - Global Epidemic Monitoring and Modeling (GEMM) platform

Metabiota strives to protect lives and to prevent, detect, and respond to the impact of outbreaks and epidemics on human and animal health, healthcare infrastructure, and global health security. Our GEMM platform is designed to deliver a global view of epidemic risk, tools to map and analyze operational and life insurance exposures, indices, and our suite of infectious disease risk models.


  • Access to reliable estimates of the frequency and severity of epidemic events and enable epidemic risk analytics.
  • Utilize actionable, data-driven insights to manage infectious disease risks

Main Features

  • The most comprehensive infectious disease database: hundreds of data sources processed and analyzed in near real-time.
  • The most sophisticated infectious disease model catalog incorporates the latest biological, socioeconomic, political and environmental data.
  • Built by experts in the fields of epidemiology and data science and externally validated.

Primary Audience

  • Public health related organizations
  • Multilaterals and disaster-risk financing organizations
  • Government
  • Insurance providers