Code for America - Breaking Down Barriers and Finding Solutions

Code for America believes government must work for the people, and by the people, in the digital age, starting with the people who need it most. We build digital services that enhance government capabilities, and we help others do the same across all levels of government. Our goal: a 21st-century government that effectively and equitably serves all Americans.


  • For Government partners: Access to innovative digital practices, data-matching and cleanliness
  • For clients: Easy-to-use digital access to government services

Main Features

  • Automatic record clearance application (ClearMyRecord)
  • Digital assiter for SNAP applications (GetCalFresh)
  • Free digital tax filing (GetYourRefund)
  • Volunteer network of 25,000 civic technologists (Brigade Network)

Primary Audience

  • Foundations/grantmaking institutions
  • Public servants
  • People who interact with government services

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