Osmosis - Empowering people to connect across the planet!

WTI gives people everywhere the power to connect instantly, directly, safely and reliably with one another, from anywhere on (or over) the globe. This visionary system transforms every mobile device into a cooperative network of global access points — a revolutionary framework that delivers edge computing, mobility, and security.


  • Osmosis can stand alone, keeping people connected even when existing networks are bogged down or when no other technology is available.
  • Osmosis sits “over-the-top” of existing networks – meaning no infrastructure development is necessary.

Main Features

  • Osmosis is a visionary software solution that’s forging a world of infinite connections by enhancing the potential of current networks.
  • We are transcending humanity’s communications barriers by building a secure, selfsustaining network and providing a blanket of connectivity.

Primary Audience

  • Transportation Industry
  • Smart City Technology
  • First Responders
  • Mobile Tech Industry
  • Military and Government