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Phone2Action Advocacy Platform

Whether you’re trying to increase engagement, track metrics to impress your board, increase your cause’s visibility, or run grassroots campaigns while also moderating the message, Phone2Action is the best advocacy platform for nonprofits.


  • Launch a campaign in 30 minutes or less—quickly respond to issues as they arise
  • Connect with lawmakers over Facebook, Twitter, email, webforms or phone
  • Watch legislative connections happen in real-time
  • Control your campaign message at all times
  • Integrate with your entire tech stack

Main Features

  • Compound your campaign visibility by leveraging digital tools—including social media
  • Establish a long-lasting relationship with advocates, track their actions, and engage them in higher-value activity
  • Manage your campaign message at all times while still empowering your advocates to speak out with their own voices
  • Integrate Phone2Action with best-in-class technologies, either through custom integrations or APIs

Primary Audience

  • Associations
  • Non-profits
  • Fortune 500 corporations
  • Companies