3 shares - Network Building for Nonprofits and Startups

ScaleGrowth is a radical new way to help organizations build, curate, grow, and engage members and networks while uncovering hidden values with data & AI - all within a single powerful platform. Ignite impactful relationships for your members, design your community experience exactly the way you want, and own all your data and insights.


  • Build out-of-the-box digital experience fast. Launch your community platform in 3-simple steps.
  • All-in-one platform helps track real-time impacts
  • Uncover hidden values of your network - Matching & recommendations as a service to create serendipity
  • Our state of the art AI helps drive the kinds of interactions and engagement your members value most

Main Features

  • Platform-in-a-box built around Data Science & AI to supercharge your unique member experiences, relationships, and insights.
  • Grow and engage your community and accelerate value creation, social capital ,opportunities, insights and more.

Primary Audience

  • Nonprofits
  • Startups
  • Mentoring and Coaching Programs
  • Advisors and Accelerators for Impact Communities