Zafesoft - Protecting Content as it Empowers Collaboration Globally

Zafesoft secures critical content across organizational boundaries. Once your original content is Zafed, it’s protected wherever and with whomever it is shared. Derivatives are automatically protected too. Once content is Zafed, it’s impossible to share with others – unless you allow and track it. Zafesoft is transparent to users and is deployed seamlessly as part of normal business operations.


  • Be Secure: Sharing your critical content with global employees, partners and customers – knowing your content cannot be breeched.
  • Be In Control: Recalling your content whenever you need, with a single click.
  • Be Compliant: Recording a comprehensive audit trail for all content access- original and derivative.

Main Features

  • Zafesoft empowers you to safely share content across boundaries – without risk of loss.
  • Zafe is transparent to users – protecting content even as it empowers cooperation and collaboration across global teams.
  • We provide the only security solution designed specifically to protect both original and derivative content for today’s collaborative world.

Primary Audience

  • Healthcare Industry
  • Government Agencies
  • Tech Industry
  • Any Industry Sharing Secure Information