ReliablyME - A Commitment Credential Platform for Social Good

ReliablyME is a commitments tracking and credential platform that helps organizations recognize people with good character based on their demonstrated ability to meet their obligations.


  • Participating individuals gain integrity and confidence in skills that accelerate their progress through their development programs
  • Program managers access real-time leading indicators of success to proactively assess needs for additional assistance
  • Funders make informed decisions based on objective measures of social program effectiveness

Main Features

  • Participants use text messaging to register a commitment, request validation, and receive a digital badge and updated Reliability Rating
  • Program managers and evaluators track, validate, and report on progress toward desirable behavioral changes by program participants
  • Funders incentivize, engage, and track program progress and success in aggregate with access to anonymized participant behavioral data

Primary Audience

  • Program Participants - build social worth credentials
  • Program Managers - make and show a measurable difference
  • Funders - incentivize and measure impact to participants