Bountiful - Your Complete Guide to Specialty Crops

Bountiful provides data-driven, transparent analytics for farmers and food and agricultural industry professionals. Our tools take the guesswork out of farming, from yield to market, year after year. With Bountiful, you have at your hands the most trusted, empowering, and seamless tool for smarter agriculture. Bountiful is your complete guide to specialty crop agriculture and markets.


  • Access real-time yield forecasts and analytics months before harvest—with 90% accuracy or better
  • Generalized reporting and field-level yield forecasts specialized to your farm.
  • Stay on top of weekly pricing, currency, export shipments, and supply trends.
  • Access 10-20 years worth of historical data to understand how current local conditions measure up.
  • Coming Soon: Explore tailored insurance and financing options based on your forecasts derived from our analytical tools

Main Features

  • Gain access to State, County and Regional level yield forecasts, weather data and market insights.
  • We provide the missing link to understand crop production; for farmers or food and agriculture industry professionals
  • Bridging the gap from data to sentiment, our data-driven insights support your decision-making.

Primary Audience

  • Agriculture Industry
  • Supply Chain Industry