Flourish - Bringing Nonprofits and Donors Together for Greater Impact

Flourish is a micro-donation and donor analytics platform that helps nonprofits maximize their fundraising. Nonprofits that partner with Flourish can put forward specific projects for their donors to support and can keep them up to date through a current news feed. The platform also offers donor analytics and relationship tools for nonprofits to directly communicate with their micro-donors.


  • Meet donors where they are at most - their phones. The average person spends 4 hours a day on their phone, so we use it drive donations.
  • Understanding your donors increases donations - Asking the right person, for the right amount increases solicitation success by 62%.
  • We take your bank privacy and account protection seriously. We use the same banking system as trusted apps such as Venmo, Facebook, & Lyft.

Main Features

  • Relationships take work. Utilizing our tools, products, and expertise, we help you to get to know your donors.
  • Leveraging the Flourish app, One-Click Relationships, and targeted marketing, run donor reports to see who is engaged in your cause.
  • Using our engagement tools, like texting a question, discover your donors' values, so you know what to chat about on your next call.
  • Utilizing our deep analytics platform, we can provide lists of current and potential donors, indicating who you should solicit next.
  • Login to our live administrative dashboard to see who’s giving, how much they’re giving, and to which specific cause at your organization.

Primary Audience

  • Nonprofits
  • Philanthropists looking for causes