Coworker - Building Collective Power to Transform Jobs and Workplaces

Coworker is the leading global peer-based platform designed specifically to support workers of all kinds to spark true change in the workplace. Our team of advocacy experts and organizers back workers and groups alike by offering proven education and training, strategic support, research, data analysis, and a range of advocacy tools.


  • Make positive change in your industry and access resources for improving your workplace and industry.
  • Gain support and guidance as you tackle tough topics within your industry or workplace without fear of retaliation or punishment.

Main Features

  • Our team helps workers launch their own organizations, create new tools for solving workplace problems and address systemic industry issues.
  • At, we deploy digital tools, data, and strategies in service of helping people improve their work lives.
  • Coworker is a laboratory for workers to experiment with power-building strategies and win meaningful changes in the 21st century economy.

Primary Audience

  • Tech Industry
  • Nonprofits who serve and protect the workforce
  • Government Agencies
  • The American Workforce