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Hubstream Intelligence - Child Exploitation Case Management Software

Hubstream's solution for child abuse and exploitation crimes allows you to securely coordinate and refer investigations between all the NGO's and government agencies in the global network. Keep all your data in one place with this Next-Gen Investigative Case Management. 900+ Organizations, 32 Countries, 830M+ Records, 5x Investigative speed, 1,000+ children rescued.


  • Zero in on Problem Areas Quickly
  • Get Started Immediately
  • Coordinate and Refer in the Global Network
  • Customized to Your Needs

Main Features

  • Data sharing with privacy rules built in - Contribute data and match it with others under controlled conditions while retaining full control
  • Ultra-Secure Cloud Service - Get started immediately without a long deployment and rollout phase.
  • Data Visualizations - See the data in the way it makes sense, from social media followers to location data
  • Business Intelligence Platform - Designed for investigations, with a range of pre-built models available for major investigation types

Primary Audience

  • Law Enforcement
  • Prosecution
  • NGOs and Nonprofits Supporting Child Exploitation and Child Abuse