Cyvatar - Clear, Concise & Restults-Driven Cybersecurity as a Service is a transformative cybersecurity company that operates at the intersection of our customers and technology partners to define what a cybersecurity solution should be - guaranteed business outcomes that are measurable. We break down barriers to create positive experiences for passionate fans around the world.


  • No sales reps or SEs - our Security Outcome Advisors are here to advise you of the best solution to meet your needs.
  • Our solution bundles address the CIS 20 Critical Controls and maps to other compliance requirements like ISO, NIST, SOC2, etc.
  • Online ordering - our comprehensive managed solutions are sold as 1, 2, or 3 year subscriptions
  • Monthly executive level reporting of your progress.
  • Measurable decreased time to value

Main Features

  • We do the impossible - give you compliance and "real" security.
  • Custom cybersecurity strategy mapped to your business goals with continuously optimized security.
  • Instead of trying to find/retain a qualified FTE who is experienced in the latest security tech, what if Cyvatar managed that for you?

Primary Audience

  • Cybersecurity Industry
  • Any organization managing sensitive data