guardDog- Detecting Threats & Vulnerabilities with AI

guardDog Protective Cloud Services (PCS) is the first AI-powered network security solution which doesn’t require cyber security expertise to operate. Once activated, your Fido device goes to work by detecting threats and vulnerabilities on your network. Your cloud dashboard displays incidents by threat level and shows you information on how to resolve the issues before they become a problem.


  • FiDo can be installed and activated in minutes on any network and immediately begins identifying all attached devices on the network.
  • Using a simple colorcoded system to score the threat risk with any detected incidents we provide an easier way to determine threat severity.
  • guardDog PCS utilizes its patent-pending approach to redirect potential attacks to places where they cannot do their intended harm.

Main Features

  • guardDog PCS is deployed as an overlay to existing networks designed to monitor wireless and wired networks and devices that are attached.
  • FiDo will scan the network at regular intervals for new devices or changes to the network to ensure it maintains the latest information.
  • guardDog PCS watches and guards Wi-Fi networks in real-time with AI-powered automated countermeasures that will shut down attempted exploits

Primary Audience

  • Remote Work Industry
  • Cyber Security Industry
  • Organizations looking to improve security, especially remotely
  • Medical Industry
  • Remote Learning - Colleges, Universities, Secondary School